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Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

A year ago we started Fabiana magazine, to showcase the talent, achievements and ideas of women.

People tell us we are doing a great job,and that they want to see the magazine continue.

But we need your help: Fabiana costs£4000 a year, including editing, designing and printing. If you endorse our passion and aims, please make a donation.
Your donation would help us continue this valuable work: Fabiana is part of the new wave of UK feminism and the new generation of feminist women participating in political life.

We’re a small team of volunteers, and together we’ve published three extremely well received issues over the past 12 months. All have championed cutting edge research campaigns and innovative policy proposals.

In the months ahead, we will be focusing on Labour’s economic alternative; developing a UK model of affordable childcare provision; progressing the debate onEurope; pushing to release the UK’s potential through more women in innovation, science and boardrooms.

Thank you for your support!

• if just 40 people give £100 this covers the costs of running Fabiana for a year
• if just 6 people give £50 this will cover the costs of one issue of Fabiana
• if 25 people give £30 this will pay for the costs of printing one of issue of Fabiana
• if just 1 person gives £25 this covers the cost of running our email supporters list for a month, or
• if 1 person gives just £10 this covers a volunteers expenses for a day

Donors should be willing to have their name disclosed as a donor for transparency purposes. Donors must be resident in the UK.
You can donate:
• Online

• By bank transfer – Please contact Phil Mutero for further information (


• By cheque, with the reference FWN Fabiana on the back, payable to:

Fabian Society
11 Dartmouth Street

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