About us

The Fabian Women’s Network was launched in January 2005, and is run by a committee of volunteers. It is part of the voluntary section of the Fabian Society, alongside local Societies and the Young Fabians. It reports to the Fabian Executive. There are approximately 2000 women in the Fabian Women’s Network of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom will be local and national opinion formers.

The Fabian Women’s Network aims to bring people together to:

  • create a thriving network for social and political change,
  • connect Fabian networks with Fabian Women Parliamentarians; and
  • provide new ways in which women from all backgrounds and sectors can engage in topical policy debates.

The Network has held a number of high profile receptions and policy discussions and regularly works with voluntary sector organisations on campaigns that affect women’s lives, including women and finance, work/life balance and family related policy. Speakers at events have included Cabinet Ministers, Ministers, representatives from leading charities or agencies, business, academics and media.

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