Welcome to the fourth issue of Fabiana

We established Fabiana on a new wave of British feminism, with a younger generation of feminist women approaching political life.

Throughout the year, we have explored how to reform our economy and the State, and how to encourage more women in science, as well as hosting voices from all over the world.We never wanted a women’s magazine to simply showcase what matters to women. We wanted to create a space for feminism to interpret mainstream politics and reformulate the key issues of today, by providing innovative ideas. Our ambition is to demonstrate that women are not an appendix to the broader equality agenda; they are a real force for change.

In this issue, Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, examines how we need to both advance an alternative to austerity and an agenda for reform, that meet popular aspirations for a fairer, stronger economy.

Ville-Pekke Sorsa, from the University of Helsinki, highlights how the principles of the Nordic social model, based on equality and inclusiveness, could be crucial for overcoming the economic crisis. Chuka Umunna, the Shadow Business Secretary discusses what deal we need to offer to small businesses, and Editor what we will be doing for women, who are at the sharp end of the crisis.

Ahead of Labour Party conference, Fabiana argues that wider provision of free childcare would help boost the UK’s flagging economy, suggesting it could potentially add a staggering 7% to GDP.

At present, there is nothing more than motherhood, which undermines women’s capacity to earn money and their financial independence.

This is not fair and must be addressed. As Stephen Twigg, Shadow Education Secretary, says in his article: childcare is not a ‘hoarding house for children of hard working parents. It should, and it must be much more than that’. We believe that childcare must be at the top of Labour’s agenda as it encapsulates our values: equality, responsibility, social mobility, fairness, and choice.

In her piece on how the double-dip recession is having a greater impact on ethnic minority women, Seema Malhotra, director of the Fabian Women’s Network (FWN), is excited about the months ahead, and all that FWN can achieve. To do this, we need you! We need your support, your ideas, and a financial contribution too. To find out how to contribute: http://www.fabianwomen.co.uk/donate/

Help us to thrive, and we will continue to do our best!

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