Two Fabian Women Win Parliamentary Selection

Fabian Women’s Network member Seema Malhotra has been selected as the Labour & Co-operative candidate for the Feltham & Heston by-election.

Seema grew up in Feltham, and went to school in Heston. She is co-founder and Director of the Fabian Women’s Network and a former National Chair of the Fabian Society, as well as a former adviser to Harriet Harman during her stint as leader of the opposition last year. She is a graduate of LWN’s parliamentary training, and will make an outstanding MP if she is elected.

Help Seema to win – join the campaign.

Labour Women’s Network and the Fabian Women’s Network are joining forces for a women’s campaign day on Sunday, 11 December from 11am – we’ll be meeting up at the campaign centre at Feltham Labour Hall, Manor Place TW14 9BT so please come and join us if you can.

You can contact Ivana Bartoletti, Editor of Fabiana and member of FWN Committee on or 07931959521, to let us know that you’ll be there.

You can also help the campaign at any time by coming along to the campaign centre at Feltham Labour Hall, Manor Place TW14 9BT. Email with your contact details today to or call the volunteer hotline on 07872 417252. You can also follow Seema on Twitter at @SeemaMalhotra1.

Harlow CLP have selected Suzy Stride – member of the Fabian Women’s Network’s mentoring scheme – as their candidate for the next general election. Suzy works for a grassroots charity tackling social exclusion and worklessness in East London, diverting hundreds of young people away from crime and into education and work. She also works as an advisor to Baroness Jan Royall, Labour’s leader in the House of Lords, on the policy review, ‘What Makes Politics Count for Young People’.